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Who is Marshall Rosenberg?

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Marshall Rosenberg

Growing up as the offspring of a Jewish family, Marshall Rosenberg was confronted with various forms of violence from an early age. Experiencing how even someone’s last name could be the cause of violence, led him to explore the causes of violence; the desire to explore peaceful alternatives led him to study clinical psychology and he received his Ph.D. He developed the Nonviolent Communication process by linking violence with our way of thinking and speaking.

Nonviolent Communication was first applied in 1960, by groups working on finding solutions for racism in public schools and other institutions in USA. Working in these projects, Dr. Rosenberg and his colleagues founded The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) in 1984, in order to spread Nonviolent Communication efficiently.

Marshall Rosenberg’s team continues to offer Nonviolent Communication throughout the world with over 500 certified trainers. There also are hundreds of volunteers organizing seminars, workshops and study groups, joining practice groups and coordinating teams. Trainings are led in schools, work places, health institutions, jails, communities and families to resolve and prevent conflicts. Marshall Rosenberg’s companions continue to offer mediation service with Nonviolent Communication method in war inflicted zones such as Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Ruanda, Burundi, Bosnia, Serbia, Colombia and the Middle East.

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