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In the current education system, our habit is a learning system that starts from the bottom level and progresses sequentially to the upper levels. Primary school, secondary school, high school, university etc. This habit can remind us of itself from time to time when we embark on the Nonviolent Communication journey. Many people often wonder which seminar to go to first, then which one, and what next? Questions like these arise. However, Nonviolent Communication is not a linear learning but a learning with returns kind of journey.


Yes, we require you to take an introductory seminar initially to ensure emotional safety and the effectiveness of group learning. You can also take a re-entry seminar or other training at any time during this learning journey. Experiencing the same type of seminars with different instructors can also benefit you a lot. Or you can make brand new discoveries when you go to a return to previous seminars after deepening for a year. The source of this lies in the fact that Nonviolent Communication is not only a mental learning, but also an experience that a person internalizes with his mind, body and inner world. This process continues as long as you want.

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