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Deniz Spatar

CNVC Certified Trainer

My Journey

Deniz Spatar Şiddetsiz İletişim Yolculuğum
  • I was child during late 70’s and early 80’s in Istanbul, where political polarization was peaking and violence became a daily reality. What followed was the 1980 military coup. I witnessed all of this from a child’s perspective and I was effected first handedly with my family. This led me in my youth to actively try to do something for peace. As years passed by, I realized that I was complaining about violence but my own actions and words were also creating some kind of violence towards myself and others. This realization shook me. At that time, I found comfort in literature. Unable to slow down, I wrote and published a story book.

To earn my living, I worked as encyclopedias marketer, typesetter, waitress, pollster, secretary, correspondent and I took many assignments in social research field, worked as a communication consultant in UNPD and as an assistant director in documentaries. My long standing profession happened to be journalism and PR expertise. I got quite immersed in corporate life, also working in fields such as marketing communication, communication crises management in global trademarks, corporate communication, digital and internal communication.

Meanwhile, I encountered various methods and teachings such as Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, various body therapies and family constellation. I completed more than 1500 hour of yoga teacher training, including Yoga Therapy. In 2013, while exploring what ‘Ahimsa’ meant in Yoga, I discovered Vivet Alevi (who at the time was the sole Nonviolent Communication trainer in Turkey) and her yearly training program. Over 5 years, I participated, assisted, and then later on became a co-teacher and a trainer in her trainings.

In 2015, I quit my last corporate job as the Head of Communication Division in TEMA foundation. Thus I began to plan my time completely to contribute to spreading Nonviolent Communication in Turkey, and I began leading my life only by sharing what I learned from Nonviolent Communication.

I realize that while sharing Nonviolent Communication, I’m inspired by not only Nonviolent Communication trainers but also Yoga, meditation, body therapy, Krishananda and Amana’s Learning Love and recently discovered Thomas Hübl’s Transparent Language. I greatly enjoy using what I have learned for deepening in the simplicity that Marshall Rosenberg offers with Nonviolent Communication. With every new approach that I encounter, I once again admire how simple and practical Nonviolent Communication is.

Deniz Spatar Şiddetsiz İletişim Yolculuğum
Deniz Spatar Şiddetsiz İletişim Yolculuğum

When I decided to walk on a Nonviolent Communication trainer journey, I wanted to continue this process under the guidance of the experience accumulated by CNVC. As an assesor, I decided to take the guidance of Vivet Alevi. In addition to Vivet Alevi, I continued on my way with the feedback of his colleagues Stephan Seibert and Marianne Sikor. The support and feedback of Towe Widstrand, who attended MAD Days where I completed my certification candidate process in 2018, always supports me on my journey. I am also grateful to all my companions for MAD Days.

My certification process


In 2018, I was accepted among certified trainers by CNVC (Center for Nonviolent Communication) founded by Marshall Rosenberg. I feel so alive when I serve adults who work with children, especially living in disadvantaged areas. I feel a deep passion about all work around healing collective traumas. I am one of the dreamers and producers of the podcast on Açık Radio called “A language for life – Nonviolent Communication” with Canan Irtem. I feel deep enthusiasm about creating a safe exploration space and extending an invitation to practice nonviolence for those participating in my seminars.

The journey continues


My Nonviolent Communication journey continues with every new training I give and receive, as well as on the street, with my family, friends, neighbors, in my work, with questions and new awareness in life. This journey helps me balance my longing for personal and social transformation.

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